Field Intelligence and Evidence Collection.​

Official digital diaries and notebooks for law enforcement and regulated industry.

Your notes, across all of your devices

Hello, efficiency and mobility. Meet compliance and security.

With the demand and complexities faced by our police, enforcement and regulatory bodies now higher than ever; agencies rely on innovative technology to increase mobility, efficiency and access to mission critical information in the field and for court.

These increased pressures are coupled with the community expectation of transparency, accountability and their duties justified and articulated. Body worn cameras have assisted in this, however agencies still rely on paper notebooks and diaries to document their individual observations, actions, decisions and conversations.

These paper notebooks and diaries cannot be searched with ease and often sit in drawers, with their valuable intelligence going un-actioned and impossible to find when you need it the most. Or worse, the sensitive documents are lost or stolen.

Verinote allows agencies to embrace a digital future and replace their paper notebooks and diaries with a secure, compliant and accessible application, with full features of a commercial note-taking app coupled with a robust evidentiary framework to ensure authenticity and integrity.


Verinote API

Leverage VeriSaaS structured and mobile information collection platform in your records management and analytics solutions. The Verinote's API allows you to integrate with your records management system or data/intelligence analytics platforms to mobilise and digitise your workforce, or take advantage of our existing integrations.

Effortless and highly secure field reporting.

Effortless note-taking

Record your notes in greater detail and less time with voice-to-text, voice recording, and text entry through Verinote desktop and mobile apps. Organise your day for better oversight and capture mission critical field intelligence and evidence.


Record the time, date and place of each entry automatically, to save time and preserve the integrity of each note in court. Use ‘quick note’ to capture mission critical information for later use.

Realtime classification

Classify your entries on the go to protect your sensitive information in line with your agency’s information security framework. Apply Dissemination Limiting Markers and automatically redact your protected notes for expedited court production and Freedom of Information disclosure.

Your notes, across all of your devices

Verinote is available across all of your devices on demand. The secure desktop portal allows access to total management of your records, leaving our native iOS and Android apps for effortless and highly secure reporting, in the field.

It’s a notebook… Plus a little more.​


Encrypted voice recording

Capture valuable information and evidence with encrypted voice recordings securely stored in your Verinote PROTECTED server and purged from your device to eliminate risk.

Photos and files

As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words and so does Verinote. Corroborate your notes with photos and files captured or uploaded and made available through all Verinote mobile and desktop platforms.

Statements on the go

Verinote collates, prepares and exports your witness statement, automatically. No more searching through logs, notebooks or other records. Let Verinote do the work.

Live monitor major incidents

Tag your notes by event ID, operation name or reference number to collate your entries. Tagged notes can be live monitored, to ensure commanders are properly informed of what’s happening in the field in real time.

Full discovery. Lawful disclosure.



Respond to court, commission or Freedom of Information requests immediately with agency-wide eDiscovery. Powerful global search and filtering capabilities removes the need to locate and review agency material and ensure full discovery, in seconds, not months.

Disclosure compliance while protecting sensitive information

Prepare comprehensive disclosure packages including redacted and un-redacted diary exports to ensure full disclosure, while protecting protected information or material not in the public interest for disclosure. Automatic redaction saves the expense involved in locating and retrieving documents, followed by hours of manual redaction performed by legal staff.

Authenticity certificate and interaction logs

Using a robust cyber and information security framework, Verinote produces an authenticity certificate and interaction log for each entry to ensure court acceptance and defendability of records and versions. Each modification and action is captured, without fail.

Intelligence module

Allow notebooks and diaries to be quickly and safely searched by intelligence officers, to identify valuable information relating to a person of interest or case – without exposing sensitive data.

Your agency. Your data. Your Verinote.


Roadmap features

Verinote is in continual development, to ensure VeriSaaS is delivering a highly effective and valuable product. We work with our customers to create a roadmap of features most in demand and invite our customers to contribute to functionality. All new features, functionality and enhancements are rolled out when available, at no cost.

Tiered pricing makes Verinote affordable to every agency

Verinote is, and will always be, affordable. VeriSaaS is committed to servicing every agency, no matter how big or small. With no establishment costs or required infrastructure, Verinote is delivered on a per year, per user basis, with tiered pricing. Minimum spend applies and bespoke development incurs additional charges. Contact us for more information.

You own the data. Always.

At VeriSaas, we pride ourselves on reliability, transparency, accountability and trust. Your agency’s data will remain yours, always. If you discontinue using Verinote, your data will be exported and made available to you in human readable format, free of charge.

Security and compliance.

Role Based Access Control Groups

Ensure only the right people can see the right information within your organisation. With a principal of least privilege, Verinote enforces best practice access guidelines through Role Based Access Controls to suit a users need, while maintaining integrity of agency data.

Single SignOn and multi-factor authentication

To ensure seamless and efficient access, Single Sign-On allows users to access Verinote with one set of credentials, combined with multi-factor authentication, biometrics (on mobile) and additional high-risk action security layers.

Microsoft Azure and Vault PROTECTED infrastructure

Your data is in safe hands and stored in accordance with independently assessed government standards on Microsoft Azure (PROTECTED) or Vault Systems (SECRET). While not recommended, Verinote can be deployed in other environments, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform if mandated by individual client needs.

Built on regulatory and security compliance

Verinote has been independently assessed against the Australian Government Information Security Manual, Protective Security Policy Framework and other standards through the Australian Signals Directorate governed IRAP assessment process. Not only that, our PROTECTED environment is ISO 27001 and UK Official and NHS standards.


Realtime threat monitoring and auditing

Receive Role Based Access Group threat notifications and be comforted knowing the system is live monitored for threats, weakness and vulnerabilities. Audit logs ensure transparency and accountability of system access within your organisation.

Nothing kept on your device

Keep your ‘Bring your own’ and agency devices safe by ensuring no Verinote data is kept on the device. This ensures if a device is lost or stolen, your data is secure, while protecting users from the requirement to present their devices as evidence.

Integration and collaboration is key. Meet the Verinote API.

Leverage VeriSaaS structured and mobile information collection platform in your records management and analytics solutions.

Verinote’s API allows you to integrate with your records management system or data/intelligence analytics platforms. Use VeriSaaS’s field intelligence and evidence collection capability to mobiles and digitise your workforce, or take advantage of our existing integrations and collaborations.

Microsoft Active Directory

Provision users seamlessly and embrace the powerful features of your organisations Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Altia-ABM Pegasus

Collect information in the field with Verinote and manage all aspects of covert operations effectively, discreetly and securely in Pegasus

Modis Söze Analytics

Ingest huge volumes of digital information, including Verinote, to discover entities of potential interest and their relationships with Söze

And we don't do it alone. Meet our growing partner network.