Research and Development

Commercial-off-the-Shelf Solutions for Government and Regulated Industry

Our mission is to empower, protect and mobilise every government and regulated entity with fit-for-purpose, Commercial-Off-The-Shelf software in VeriSaaS platforms. We will make jobs easier, lower risk and save organisations money through fully managed services. We do this through ongoing industry research to identify pain points and offer fit-for-purpose commercial grade solutions.


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Secure Inter-Agency PROTECTED File Sharing

The need for collaboration between state and federal government bodies is ever increasing. As is the expectation sensitive information is handled securely. With each organisation using different platforms, Verishare will allow secure file sharing for PROTECTED information with the use of innovative biometric authentication provided by Daltrey. VeriSaaS’ unique PROTECTED file transfer system used in Verinote and Daltrey’s identity management will allow agencies to transfer sensitive information with peace of mind and in compliance with privacy and regulatory frameworks.


Automated Audio Transcription

The costs associated with human transcription services is imposing on the operating budgets for many government agencies. Veriscript is leveraging advanced data analytics, speaker identification and accurate speech recognition to create automated transcription software, for court production. In collaboration with legal industry professionals, VeriSaaS will drive change in the acceptance of automated transcription services. This will save time, money and effort in the public safety and justice industry.

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Secure PROTECTED Communication

Today’s threat landscape in covert and discreet investigations requires operatives to be ahead of the game. When communicating between each-other or with civilian participants, trust is key. While commercial platforms offer a degree of security; compliance, integrity and data protection is still left to chance. Vericomms will be a unified communications platform for PROTECTED communication between individuals, teams and the community. Vericomms ensures probity, authenticity and the safety of those involved in high-risk operations.

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