A little about VeriSaaS

We've been there. We started VeriSaaS as end users.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower, protect and mobilise every government and regulated entity with fit-for-purpose, Commercial-Off-The-Shelf software in VeriSaaS platforms, including Verinote. We will make jobs easier, lower risk and save organisations money through fully managed services.

How it all began

VeriSaaS was established in 2019 through a panel of Law Enforcement, Legal, Risk Management and Information Security professionals, who recognised government and regulatory agencies were not offered fit-for-purpose information technology solutions, ‘off-the-shelf’ and at a reasonable price.

Our mission was to provide pre-developed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to these agencies, removing the need for expensive in-house or bespoke development. Partnered with Microsoft, Altia-ABM, SSW, Modis and Vault Systems, we work with our clients to ensure seamless onboarding of our solutions to mobilise their workforce, protect their information, save them time and money.

Like a majority of software available to the private sector, we offer SaaS solutions with cost certainty through subscription models (like Microsoft Office 365, for example) to eliminate up-front and capital costs. We also offer (by default) a fully managed service which includes all infrastructure (data storage, updates, networking) meaning there is no capital expenditure required to adopt our services. Finally, as part of VeriSaaS subscriptions, all updates and additional features are made available free to active subscribers.

VeriSaaS is committed to our values of transparency, integrity, reliability and truth. We will forever uphold these values as we deliver value for money solutions to organisations who are serving us and our community, every day.

Every user helps Verinote make the world a better place.

By the end of 2021, we want to reduce wood consumption by 49 tons (299 trees), energy consumption by 319 BTUs (379 fridges), Co2 emissions by 102 tons (21 cars), water consumption by 1.12 million litres (193 clothes washes) and waste by 6.6 tons (3360 houses), per year, every year.

We will achieve this by replacing 8,000 handwritten notebooks and diaries.

And we don't do it alone. Meet our growing partner network.