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VeriSaaS Contributes to the Microsoft Public Safety & Justice Tactical Vehicle Program

Microsoft and VeriSaaS Partner for Verinote Services

VeriSaaS partners with Microsoft to deliver Verinote’s field intelligence, information, and evidence collection platform with enhanced situational awareness and officer safety through real-time event monitoring as part of the Microsoft Public Safety & Justice Tactical Vehicle Program.

Microsoft Public Safety & Justice Tactical Vehicle Program highlights cloud solutions from Microsoft and partners for government and first responders. To demonstrate this, Microsoft created the Microsoft Tactical Vehicle – with the latest technology from Microsoft and their partner ecosystem. Emergency services operate in a complex, dynamic and often mission-critical environment, and as such, the technology they use must be highly available, highly secure, and critically, easy to use so our men and women on the frontline’s jobs are made easier, not harder.

Leveraging Verinote’s field information collection and live monitoring capabilities, mission-critical information, evidence, and intelligence can be collected in real-time, without relying on paper notebooks, diaries, or forms. This means, emergency services personnel and field commanders have the data they need at their fingertips to make critical decisions and preserve the integrity of evidence.

Verinote’s integration with Microsoft means more emergency service members in the field protecting their community and eradicates the risk of intelligence, evidence and information loss, destruction, or inaccessibility.

VeriSaaS is proud to be part of a program making emergency services more efficient in keeping their communities safe, while saving them money and reducing their risk profile.

For more information on Verinote, follow this link. For more information on Microsoft Public Safety & Justice Tactical Vehicle Program, follow this link.

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